Mickey Ray, CPA*, AEP, CFBS

Partner & Financial Advisor

Mickey Ray merged his highly successful Midland, Texas-based financial services firm with the Lubbock headquartered PFG Advisors in 2019. While business continues as usual at the Midland location, Mickey’s motivation to partner with PFG Advisors is rooted in his vision for the future — for his clients and his support staff. “I want my practice to extend well beyond my lifetime and that of my clients, so that my client’s children, and their children, and my team can continue to benefit from the foundation we have laid over the past four decades,” he says..

Mickey’s work focuses on advanced topics in investments, retirement, and estate planning. His practice is concentrated in working with businesses and families in agriculture, oil and gas, and other lines of business. He is excited to note that now, in addition to the areas in which he has cultivated subject matter expertise, his clients can gain from the knowledge the partners bring on a wider range of topics. For his team, Mickey is thrilled that they will be able to collaborate, learn from, and grow with the solid support infrastructure at PFG that allows for the delivery of consistently superior service.

What makes our partnership a great fit, though, is the fact that our values align,” he points out, recalling the first time he met Jay Eagan and JC Chambers, almost thirty years ago. It was then that he noted that they all shared a deep faith and a desire to serve. As his relationship with the growing entity blossomed from collegiality into friendship, Mickey knew that if he ever chose to join forces with any other advisors, that PFG Advisors met those criteria. “I’m blessed to do work that I love with clients who want to help themselves,” he says. “The recommendations I make are in our clients’ best interests, and I know that to be true for all the partners at PFG, too,” he adds.

The first time I met Jay Eagan and JC Chambers, almost thirty years ago, I noted that we all shared a deep faith and a desire to serve. That’s when I knew that if I were to ever join forces with another team that PFG Advisors had the right quality people on board.

Mickey Ray, CPA*, AEP, CFBS

Mickey’s commitment to ongoing learning and development is reflected in his credentials as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA*), Accredited Estate Planner (AEP) and Certified Family Business Specialist (CFBS). Mickey has been widely recognized by various industry associations for his commitment over a long period of time to protect lives and ensure legacies for individuals and families, businesses, and estates. He and his wife, Paula, split their time between Midland and their lake home in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, where Mickey loves to boat and golf with friends.  


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* Licensed, but not practicing on behalf of MML Investors Services, LLC or its affiliated companies.