Financial Services for Texas Tech Employees

PFG Advisors is proud to serve Texas Tech University (TTU) and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) employees with retirement plans offered through  Lincoln Financial Group.


Now with expanded reach throughout Texas and beyond.

We proudly serve Greater Lubbock and Midland/Odessa - not to mention well beyond the borders of the state we call home.


We provide advice for people like you.


Current offerings

The two plans we offer are:

  • Texas Tech University Optional Retirement Program (ORP)

  • Texas Tech University System Tax-Deferred Account Program (TDA)

We also offer discounted disability income insurance to employees who qualify based on income levels. 

Explore the breadth of our services

Texas Tech employees can benefit additionally from the comprehensive suite of services PFG Advisors has to offer, including:


Everything begins with education

PFG Advisors offers a series of presentations on retirement planning, estate planning, insurance planning and basic financial planning to TTU employees throughout the year. These lectures are purely for educational purposes and do not mention any specific companies or products.

For more information about an upcoming lecture, or to find out how PFG Advisors can help you take the next step to retirement, contact us today at

2018 Contribution Limits and Matching Amounts

Texas Tech University ORP
Current employee contribution: 6.80%
Current employer match: 6.65%

Texas Tech University TDA
Maximum annual contribution:$18,500
Catch-up provision for
employees over age 50:$24,500

You can contribute up to 100% of your salary to your retirement savings, not to exceed the maximum allowable by the IRS.