Evan McMordie


I earned my Master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University, and joined PFG Advisors in 2018 to assist Paul Scioli with the continued growth of his financial planning practice. I manage a team of professionals and actively contribute to nurturing client relationships. 

My path into the financial services world was determined by circumstance: my family owns a cattle ranch as well as an oil and gas portfolio in the northeastern Texas Panhandle. At a young age I had to take over the responsibility of day-to-day management of the accounting and auditing of our oil and gas operations.

What do you love best about your work?
I really appreciate Paul’s approach to customer service and client care. Once you’re one of Paul's clients you’re part of Paul's ‘community.’ I enjoy watching how he cares for people and learning from him.

What are the biggest challenges you face at work?
I would say it’s the need to shift gears quickly. We offer a diverse line of services to a diverse population of clients. At one moment we may be looking at a long term care application for someone who is in mid-life, followed by speaking to young person who is just getting started in terms of retirement savings, followed by a meeting with business owner who has complex planning needs. All in a day’s work.

What does it take to be really good at what you do?
It takes a good attitude and having good perspective. You have to be able to empathize with the client and the current life stage that they are in, financially.

What are you most proud of at your work at PFG?
We are fully dedicated to every project that we take on.  Paul is particular about taking on clients for whom his work can have real impact, and from that place we do what we can to best serve them.

What are you passionate about outside of work?
Wildlife conservation. I'm also a pilot. A little hunting and fishing. I'm a man of many hobbies!

What is a little-known fact about you?
I probably play eight musical instruments.