Evan Smith


For the longest time, I had been searching for a way to have maximum impact. In college I changed my major several times because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, but nothing quite fit.

When I discovered the Financial Planning program at Texas Tech University, I knew I had found my calling. I fell in love with this field after taking the introductory class and it has been my passion ever since.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from that program in 2018. I am thrilled to be able to work at PFG Advisors in support of two partners: Scott Maples and Brian Pitaniello.

 What do you love best about your work?

I like taking complex ideas and making them super simple to understand. Our work helps reduce some of the anxiety associated with money, by allowing people to understand their choices and helping them to make informed decisions. Having clarity around money can give people some amount of peace.

What are the biggest challenges you face at work?

One of the most challenging things about our work is the level of detail that it entails. It is important to find the right information, and then know what to do with it. This helps keep the financial plan as accurate as possible.

What does it take to be really good at what you do?

Attention to detail. Small things can make a difference in someone's financial plan. Also, because we deal in a topic that is highly technical in nature, it requires excellent communication skills to share that knowledge with people who may not have that analytical background or training.

What are you most proud of at your work at PFG?

I'm proud to see the difference our work makes in our client's lives. I feel that we are here for them, to hold their hand through difficult situations and complex decision-making. It’s always nice to know that someone is walking alongside you when you are going down a path that is new to you.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Obviously my family comes first. But… I'm also really passionate about my Red Raiders. I'm a huge sports fan, in particular Texas sports. I'm a die-hard Houston Rockets basketball fan. I also love the Houston Astros.

What is a little-known fact about you?

I’m not really good at it, but I absolutely love to cook!.